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Some Short Daily Chinese

Let’s learn some short daily Chinese!

Rang wo men xue xi yi xie jian duan de ri chang yong yu!

让我们学习一些简短的日常用语 !


1. When you meet others,It is polite to say

“nin hao!”
“您 好!”

2.when you want to act like a gentleman ,for instances,you open doors for others, you give up your seat to others,and at such times,you should say

“qing !”

3.When you need others to do something for you,you should say

“Excuse me!”
“lao jia!”
“劳 驾!”

4.when others help you to deal with something,you should express your gratitude and you are supposed to say

“I’m sorry to trouble you a lot!”
“rang nin fei xin le!”
“让 您 费 心 了!”

5.When you make a plea for people to give you some help,you need say

“Could you do me a favor?”
“Ke yi bang bang wo ma?”
“可 以 帮 帮 我 吗?”

6.When you need to say goodbye to someone,you will say

“See you later!”
“hou hui you qi !”
“后 会 有 期!”

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