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How to Say “thank you” in Chinese to our lovers on Thanksgiving?


Can you say “thank you” in Chinese Mandarin?

Today is Thanksgiving(感恩节)!

So let’s learn some simple thanks.

  • Thank you .Mom! You’re hard!
        xie xie ni, mama! nin xin ku le!
  • Thank you .Dad! You’re hard!
        xie xie ni, ba ba ! nin xin ku le!
  • Thank you,my dear teacher!
         xie xie ni , lao shi !
  • Thank you,my dear wife! I love you!
        xie xie ni, lao po, wo ai ni!
  • Thank you,my dear husband! I love you forever!
         xie xie ni, lao gong, wo yong yuan ai ni!
  • Thank you,my dear friend!
         xie xie ni, wo qin ai de peng you!
  • Thank you,my grandfather/mother!May you live to be a hundred! May you live to be a hundred!
         xie xie ni, yeye/nainai! zhu nin chang ming bai sui !
  • Thank you very much, God!
          xie xie ni, shang di !
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