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How to Overcome the Fear of Speaking Mandarin Chinese in Public?

As beginners in learning Mandarin Chinese.Chances are that you have the fear to speak Mandarin Chinese in public.

I know you must be anxious to overcome it! You must be hoping to speak Mandarin Chinese in public fluently!

Don’t worry, From now, follow me and I will help you !

Firstly,let’s explore the reason of the trouble in speaking Chinese.

  • Your Chinese language vocabulary is limited

In other words,you don’t know enough Chinese words.Many times,you have trouble in expressing what you think and what you really want to say.You can’t get others to know you so you will be upset,and it even can spoil your passion for learning Mandarin Chinese.

  • You are too shy to speak Mandarin Chinese in public

You’re probably a shy, introverted person who doesn’t feel comfortable in social situation,You fear people and relationship.You are afraid of making mistakes.You don’t like to speak in public,not to mention the Mandarin Chinese which you are just beginning!
  • The lack of enthusiasm for Learning Mandarin Chinese

The novice needs best practices.when you hesitate to practise it as much as possible,Maybe you lack the enthusiasm for learning Mandarin Chinese.

Then ,How to overcome the fear of speaking Mandarin Chinese in public?

  • Be confident enough to speak Mandarin Chinese
Practising speaking out loud, getting confident just at speaking may be an important first step.You should trust in yourself and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.Beginners are too apt to make mistakes,It doesn’t matter .It helps you to grow better!
  •  More practice

The more you practice the easier it becomes.If you don’t know the meaning of some words,please look them up in a dictionary.And then try to use it in your life.When you talk with your friends,try to speak in Chinese,it not only can practise yourself but also make your conversation interesting!Trying to do it will definitely change something.
  • Watch some Chinese movies

You can watch some Chinese movies and programs.To see how people speak Chinese and how they express what  they think.

You can also imagine yourself as the people in movies,and then think what you will talk and what you will do!

  • Set yourself an achievable goal

You should set yourself an achievable goal.For instance,you can make it a goal to have 3-4″random”conversation per day.


Make it a goal to be better each day in a small way!



In the end, I hope all of us can have a bright life!

Let us together strive to work together!



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