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what is Mandarin Chinese and what is Chinese language?

What’s Mandarin ? And what’s traditional Chinese languages?

Maybe you have confusion about Mandarin and Chinese language!
As we all know,the Chinese civilization is extensive and profound. The Chinese language boasts as one of the most beautiful and complicated language in the world . But don’t worry, we can overcome it!

Listen to me now slowly come!

  • The Chinese language has contained differences in dialect since olden times,the dialect is words with this alike with minor differences within different area refer to the same nation.
    (I know there are even different dialects of American English.Something around 600 million people use the various dialects of English regularly.)
  • Chinese is a language with a great variety of dialects,but Mandarin is the official language of after the founding of new China, is also one of the six official working languages of the United Nations. which get the international recognition. Mandarin is also called ‘Putonghua’!

Compared with dialects “differing within 10-li area”, Mandarin can be understood by all people.
So if you want to learn Chinese ,you should learn Mandarin Chinese ,it is the most authoritative branch of Chinese language and is admitted by the world!
Do you understand?

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