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Let’s learn a new popular Chinese word: “心塞”

Today,Let’s learn a new Chinese popular word: “心塞”

what does the Chinese word “心塞”(whose Pinyin is xinsai) mean?

Chinese word

Ok,now I have a practical example:
These days,I have been busy preparing for my final examination,
and I have asked my company for 20 days’ leave.
I’m going to complain this! There are too many courses this semester…..
I dread the coming exams,I’m afraid that I can’t finish the review.
and so I rarely get time to promote my website of Learning Mandarin online and talk with you!
All right, it is suitable to describe my feelings now, 心塞(xinsai)!

Now ,could you understand my felling? Could you guess the meaning of the word”心塞”?

Get to the point!“心塞” is a feeling of melancholy and loss.
When you say it, it shows that you are in some trouble,The trouble is deeply disturbing,making your heart just blocked a wall, very uncomfortable.
You want to struggle to go out of this feeling,because it let you pull a long face and make you sigh,let you can’t help to lose your temper,and it even makes you can’t sleep soundly or eat well.

In these cases,you can use this Chinese word:

When you lose your  wallet.
When you failed a exam.
While others  force you  to go for the blind date.
When you is sacked after being late for work.
When your car is out of order but you have a important meeting.
When you have a lot of trouble but on one can help you.
When you quarrel with your good friend and he ditch you.
and so on   …..
In the end , I hope everyone of my friend wear a smile often, have no chance to say”心塞”(xinsai)!

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