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How to Learn Mandarin Chinese for beginners?


how to learn Mandarin Chinese for begineers

How to learn Mandarin Chinese for beginners: Where to start ?

As a beginner,you should start learning Mandarin Chinese from Mandarin Chinese Pinyin !

  • What is the Mandarin Chinese Pinyin?1. Chinese Pinyin is  the base of the Chinese language. Pinyin includes two aspects:Chinese phonetic alphabet and the four tones.(but in generally,Chinese phonetic alphabet is also called Pinyin)
     2. Chinese phonetic alphabet uses 26 letters exactly the same as 26 English letters, but the 26 letters, as phonetic symbols, carry sounds       totally different from those of English letters.Because Chinese Pinyin looks a lot like English,so this makes it familiar and comfortable,     but it can also easily leaves you confused.
       The four tones in Mandarin Chinese are:
        Tone 1: Level Tone (ping) –> —
        Tone 2: Rising Tone (shang) –> /
        Tone 3: Departing Tone (qu) –> V
        Tone 4: Entering/Stop-Final Tone (ru) –>
  • Why should you learn Mandarin Chinese Pinyin?
      1. Learning pinyin can improve your pronunciation. Mandarin Chinese Pinyin helps people to get standard pronunciation, just likes what phonetic symbol does in English.Learning Chinese without learning the Chinese Pinyin is just like Learning English without learning English phonetic symbols.
      2. Learning Pinyin improves your listening comprehension. When you can distinguish the pinyin sounds, that means you’re listening with precision.
      3. Learning pinyin can give you a broader framework of learning Mandarin Chinese.Pinyin contains all of the potential sounds that can be made in Mandarin Chinese. This is powerful and empowering.
      4. After master the Mandarin Chinese Pinyin,you can look up hanzi(Chinese words) in the dictionary by yourself. Sometimes you will hear some interesting but unfamiliar words ,and then you want to know how to write them and what they mean.In this case,the Chinese Pinyin will be necessary ,you can use them to look up words in a dictionary.
  • How to learn Mandarin Chinese Pinyin?
    1. Distinguish Mandarin Chinese Pinyin from English
    2. Phonetic alphabets of Chinese and phonetic transcripts of English share many similarities in segmental phonemes suprasegmental phonemes.But Pinyin is not English,so when you learn Chinese Pinyin,you should forget the English for a while.To find the rule of learning Mandarin Chinese Pinyin by yourself
    3. Listening to some simple Chinese songs
    There are some interesting and simple songs in China.You can listen to them in your free time,which can build up your language sense and relax you.
    4. Choose adequate Mandarin Chinese learning websites and Practice with Chinese teachers
    When some foreigners speak Mandarin Chinese,others often feel queer.That’s because the vague grasp of Pinyin and the lacck of practice.Just as a saying goes,well begun,half done, the correct pronunciation of Pinyin,which as the base of learning Mandarin               Chinese, deserves a lot attention!so there is little doubt that you need to choose proper Mandarin Chinese teaching website and learn it from native Mandarin Chinese teachers who really have correct pronunciations and do enough practice in your daily life.
    5. Never, Ever stop learning Mandarin Chinese.
    Learning Mandarin Chinese is a protracted war,we can’t be a fisherman who fishes for three days and suns his net for two.
    In the end,I want send two words to encourage each other:        Pains and gains!
            Practice makes perfect!

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