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How to Learn Chinese Characters?

Now the world is learning Mandarin Chinese, Chinese fever is not an individual phenomenon. Many people want to learn Chinese, in order to let everyone do not detours, less detours, formal correct learning Chinese, I combined with practical learning and several years of teaching experience to create this article to tell you how to learn Chinese characters. I trust nothing is really difficult in the world as long as you work hard!

Do you know how to learn Chinese characters?

We split the process of learning into several steps.

It includes reading, speaking, writing, and using Chinese character correctly.


  • How to learn to read and speak Chinese characters?

If you want to read and speak Chinese characters correctly,you’re supposed to learn Chinese Pinyin first.

Chinese Pinyin,which is short for the Chinese phonetic alphabet, meaning “phonetic symbol” or “phonetic symbol”, is a Romanization system standard Mandarin. “Pin” means “spelling”, “Yin” means “sound”. These letters representing the standard Mandarin voice are different from the use of Roman letters in other languages. For example, the sounds in the phonetic symbols of b and p are distinguished from each other in a way different from English and French. Other letters, such as j, q, x or zh, do not conform to any exact sound in English.Pinyin has also become a useful tool for entering Chinese text into a computer.

Chinese Pinyin

When you learn Chinese Pinyin, you should pay attention to some restrictions:

1.Chinese Pinyin uses 26 letters exactly the same as 26 English letters, but the 26 letters, as phonetic symbols, carry sounds totally different from those of English letters.

2.Pinyin does not mean English pronunciation, and it should not be based on English practice pronunciation. It is recommended that you should learn  phonetic rules, that many voices are not identical in English.

3. Mandarin voice, determining a relatively small number of possible syllables and has a potential different. Thus, the phonetic alphabet may be vague, especially when writing in the Chinese transcription standard, using a formal construction that is often not found in the language. However, this should not be a question of normal Putonghua interpreting because the speaker will not use this vague structure in his speech.

  • How to learn to write Chinese characters?

learn Chinese characters

The first lesson in writing Chinese characters is to learn the basic elements of their formation.Chinese characters are made of simple single strokes, all of them variations of only eight basic ones. All strokes have their own name and are written according to a few rules.

 As for more details of strokes and writing rules, they will be covered in a future article.

  • How to learn to use Chinese characters?

After learning how to read and write Chinese characters, you should try to use them as often as possible:

  1. To learn easy Chinese song and read some short Chinese stories.
  2. To use your computer to type Chinese letters.
  3. To make friends with some Chinese and communicate with them in Chinese.

[Note: We will publish a series of articles later, which will tell us how to learn Chinese Pinyin, and how to write Chinese character with correct strokes specifically. Stay tuned!]

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