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The First Step to Learn Mandarin Chinese

As a beginner, how to make your first step to learn Mandarin Chinese?

The answer is to grasp ‘Chinese Pinyin’ !
It helps people to get standard pronunciation, just like what phonetic symbol does in English.Learning Chinese without learning the Chinese Pin Yin is just like Learning English without learning English phonetic symbols .

Chinese Pinyin includes two aspects:Chinese phonetic alphabet and the four tones.Look at the first picture below,it shows the Chinese phonetic alphabet ,they use 26 letters exactly the same as 26 English letters, but the 26 letters, as phonetic symbols, carry sounds totally different from those of English letters.You are supposed to master the pronounce correctly.I think the good way to learn them is studying by videos,if so,you can watch the mouths and tongues of native Chinese speakers clearly ,which is quite important.

As for the tones,many foreigners regard it as a real problem,when some foreigners speak Mandarin Chinese ,others often feel queer.But do you know why?That’s because the vague grasp of tones! Just as a saying goes,well begun,half done,so the correct pronunciation of tones ,which as the base of learning Mandarin Chinese, deserves a lot attention!so there’s little doubt that you need to choose proper teaching website and learn it from Chinese teacher who really have correct pronunciations and do enough practice in your daily life.

Chinese Pinyin

In the end,I want send two words to encourage each other:
Pains and gains! Practice makes perfect!

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