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How to Talk about Sports in Mandarin Chinese

亲(qīn)爱(ài)的(de)朋(péng)友(yǒu)们(men),你(nǐ)们(men)喜(xǐ) 欢(huan) 运(yùn) 动(dòng)吗(ma)? 如(rú)果(guǒ)喜(xǐ)欢(huan)的(de)话(huà),你(nǐ)们(men) 对(duì)哪(nǎ)些(xiē) 运(yùn) 动(dòng) 感(gǎn) 兴(xìng) 趣(qù)呢(ne)? 现(xiàn)在(zài),让(ràng) 我(wǒ)来(lái)教(jiào)你(nǐ)一(yì)些(xiē) 运(yùn) 动(dòng)的(de)中(zhōng) 文(wén)词(cí)汇(huì)。 Dear friends, do you like sports? If yes, what kind of sports are you interested in? Now, let me teach you how to talk…

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